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Jessie Klein PhD, MSW, M.Ed

Creating Compassionate Communities to Eliminate Bullying in Schools, Families and Beyond

Let me know who I can talk to in your school or family so I can help.

Creating Compassionate Communities to Eliminate Bullying in Schools Families and Beyond

Photo by Chae Kihn

Are you a parent or teacher concerned about bullying behaviors in the classroom?

Do you want your children/adolescents to be kinder to one another so there is more time for learning and growing?

Are you giving your self such a hard time that it becomes more difficult to be there for your self and others?

At a time when rates of bullying behaviors, school shootings and suicides are at shocking highs; social isolation, depression and anxiety afflict youth at younger ages; and empathy and trust are decreasing for young and old alike, we need professional support and guidance to develop more caring relationships with our selves and others.

My empathy games help create caring relationships in school classrooms, families and workplaces so that bullying behaviors are eliminated, replaced by kindness and supportive behaviors. Together we can transform hurtful behaviors into more compassionate action in your schools, family and for your self.

Who would benefit from these workshops?

  • Childhood, Elementary, Middle, High School and University Educators
  • Students
  • Parents/Caregivers/Families
  • Anyone interested in reaching
    and teaching young people
  • Anyone who wants to enhance self-care and care for others

Contact me to discuss a program: Jessie Klein

917 597-6277

updated: 6 years ago